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Mike Montanez reached out to RedHead Studios needing photos that would align with his company TEN8 Rescue (A veteran owned company whose primary focus is teaching rescue techniques within the off-road and Overland community) The initial conversation with TEN8 Rescue involved high cliffs and four wheeling! Not normal for most professional photographers to shoot Company photos but RedHead Studios also a veteran owned company was ready to step up to the challenge and help out a fellow Soldier!

The first location was in Farmington NM. This place is a little outside of the city where many go four wheeling.

The conditions were not ideal but when it comes to rescuing, is it ever?

Here’s a photo that shows best what we were up against; rain, wind and the cold.

In no time Mike was already working down the cliff.

I didn’t have much time myself, so I analyzed the area and found the best angles and spots to get the shots needed. I wished I had behind the scene pictures with me using a jacket to shield the rain and to show how close I was to the edge!  Next time…

The second location was closer to Albuquerque, NM. Rio Puerco, Rio Rancho, New Mexico. The weather was a lot better  but we had gusty winds up to 30 mph. I was very happy that I was able to break out the drone (DJI Phantom 3 Pro) a good friend Robert Mazza let me barrow. The Phantom surprised me with how it handled that kind of wind.

Mike and his company are professional as they come with their teaching methods and gear they use!


TEN8 Rescue has been working on creating new, innovative rescue equipment and gear specific to the off-road, first responders’ needs. Very critical to saving a persons life with little to no time. All part of their methods of implementing outside of the box, problem solving techniques taken from their many years of experience in US Special Operations rescue units.

Their curriculum includes high and low angle rope rescue, vehicle extrication, Basic Life Saving (BLS) and improvised rescue techniques.


Just with the two days working with TEN8 Rescue, I am very confident to say if I was ever stranded overland I would want someone certified under TEN8 Rescue to help!

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