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I attended the Albuquerque Marketing Premiere February at Keshet Dance Company.  A very cool place which I was not familiar with and hopefully it will be a future post soon. At this event I met Suzanne Powell who has an Alexander Technique teaching practice here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her practice is called Whole Self Alignment. You can find more info at www.wholeselfalignment.com. I wasn’t familiar with this technique but Suzanne kindly explained more about it. In a nut shell its a way to feel better, and move in a more relaxed and comfortable way. When we’re young we move correctly but as we get older we develop bad habits that effect us in many ways. This leads to all kinds of aches and pains within our back, shoulders, neck and joints in our body. I’m always interested in alternate methods for improving health so I was very curious to learn more.  Through our conversation Suzanne mentioned that she needed professional photos for her website. I may not know anything about The Alexander Technique but I do know that I could help her with professional photos for her business.

We set up a time to meet after the Albuquerque Marketing Premiere event and discussed more of what she was looking for. I was excited when she asked to have photos of her working with a client. This would be perfect for me to see in depth the teachings. We coordinated the shoot date and time and called it a day.  Suzanne offered me 3 sessions to get a better idea of her teachings. I wished I would taken a selfie with one of those classes. I can tell you that Suzanne is very educated and professional in her teaching’s of The Alexander Technique. I mentioned to her that my back gets tired when I do weddings or any event that involves me shooting for more than 4 hours. She quickly showed me how I should hold and move my body with my camera to reduce pressure on my back and other parts of my body. It sure has helped! If you have any aches and pains that you just have not been able to eliminate I highly suggest that you get in touch with Suzanne Powell at Whole Self Alignment.



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