Family Portrait/Young girl and her horse

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Not only was this a fun family photography session of a young and talented girl it also brought back happy memories I had when I was growing up. When I was fifteen for spring break I went and stayed with my grandpa at my cousins sheep farm in Olathe Colorado. This is where I learned to ride a horse. I remember the day I got there my uncle Joe took me to the corral and said “choose your horse”. I’m not going to lie I was a little scared but no weakness no surrender I thought and picked the biggest and coolest looking horse. His name is Rowdy my uncle said while my grandpa and the other ranch hands laughed.  They all knew he was known to buck off my cousins time to time.  So, my uncle said which today is one of the most important tips I learned riding a horse is that as long as I don’t let the horse’s head go down he will never really be able to buck me off.  Thanks uncle because with no saddle just his reins I jump on and there I was; riding a horse! A couple of times when I was adventuring off into the hills for hours Rowdy tried to throw me off but I would pull as hard as I could not letting his head go down and little did you know he never could get the force to throw me off. I would have freaked if he did as I would have been miles away from the ranch all by myself. Yikes! For the rest of the week I rode Rowdy everywhere! Man I love horses and riding them. They are amazing creatures; so powerful and beautiful! When I captured this photo all I could think was I wished I had my own professional photo with Rowdy! Well I may not have my own photo but I’m very happy that I am able to provide a young girl with one of her own!

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