UNM Student Portrait

 In High School Seniors

I had so much fun shooting Nadine again! One of my first shoots was with her and my girlfriend’s sister. It was a High School Prom mini session in the uptown shopping plaza. I have it on my website www.RedHeadStudiosnm.com portfolio page if you like to look at it.

Currently Nadine is a student at the University of New Mexico (Lobo) Woof Woof!  I served in the U.S. Army for 4 years so I was very proud when I learned that she is in the Army ROTC program while she is attending college in Albuquerque New Mexico.  I commend her for planning to serve her country with honor. The military can always use great people like her! Nadine is very outgoing but generally soft spoken.  She is very compassionate and willing to help others at all costs. She had very long hair until she cut it several months ago to help the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. A great foundation that supports conquering childhood cancer! I wished I would have done her photography session when she had just shaved her hair. A very unique shoot it would have been. If you are a female that had to shave your long hair for any reason; reach out to me and I will do a free session for you:).

Nadine loves to sing and to be on stage. She mentioned playing the piano and my eyes lit up. I love doing shoots that involve a piano! The piano is so elegant. Maybe one day I will have my own piano! All in all this was one of my favorite photography sessions but of course I say this about all of them. Even though my alma mater is at “The” New Mexico State University I was honored to do a student session for her. At first it was a little tough- Aggies for life! All kidding aside Nadine is an all around great individual who I see nothing but great success for her in the future. I hope that she allows me to capture more cherished moments in her life such as: Graduation, Weddings and Family Portraits:)

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