Meet Paul Arellano

In my years as a photographer, I’ve learned to appreciate the things that make life worth living; friends, family, loved ones and all the other special moments that we hold as our treasures.

Through my lens, I am able to capture these special moments with true emotion and translate them into art so you can display and keep that memory alive for you and others to last forever!

This is the best part of my job! Getting to know my clients, capturing real interactions and telling your story, is what inspires me!


 Photography in Albuquerque

You and your family are significant!  Red Head Studios has a rich history of quality photography in Albuquerque and a deep commitment to providing you with exceptional  portraits.

Red Head Studios use state-of-the-art lighting and equipment to capture you looking your best. I use the “Golden Rule” in all that I do in my business and life. I treat you like how I would like to be treated– like family! If it’s you or your family I am working to make it the best portrait I can! I want your legacy portrait to have the ability to start a conversation or catch an eye from first entry of the room!  If you don’t value art and just want “something nice” I’m not your Portrait Artist! I do know many other photographers that I can refer. Don’t hesitate to email text or call and I’ll help if I can!

Paul Arellano is a Certified Professional photographer serving Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and all of New Mexico. He believes portraits should be authentic, unique, exquisite, all while telling a story that embodies one of a kind portrait.

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  • 4 weeks ago by RedHead Studios

    RedHead Studios
    Artistic photo I did for a great #albuquerque local #welding full service Iron works company. They do do fantastic work with wrought iron #designing custom #metalgates check them out!
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    4 weeks ago
    Epic pic!!!
    4 weeks ago RedHead Studios
    Glenn Woody Woodrome thanks buddy!
  • 4 weeks ago by RedHead Studios

    RedHead Studios
    Just finished the 12 Annual Exhib-it B2B EXPO. For the 2nd year in a row RedHead Studios was the official photographer. Such a great event where so many local businesses can network and display their services together. I even got my own ear piece and snagged for a photo!
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  • 6 weeks ago by RedHead Studios

    RedHead Studios
    As photographers, we have a lot of tools available to us: compositional rules, lighting knowledge, the exposure triangle etc. Color is one of those tools and can be an intimidating element to photographers but knowing and understanding color theory: the way painters, designers, and artist of all trades do a photographer can utilize color to their benefit. This portrait is a prime example. Blue and Orange. They intensify each other to create drama. Maybe that's one of the reasons we are always so attracted to sunsets. The contrast of Orange and Blue vibrate to capture our attention---:)
    As photographers, we have a lot of tools available to us: compositiona
    6 weeks ago 1
    Swathi Chaturvedi wooooow
    6 weeks ago 1
    Yuriria I know right! Thank you for referring Paul! He is awesome!
    6 weeks ago 1
    You look soooo pretty! He is amazing.
    6 weeks ago
    Super Kano 😘
    6 weeks ago
    Hi Swathi very cute smile and be happy always
    6 weeks ago
    GREAT photo!!!
  • 9 weeks ago by RedHead Studios

    RedHead Studios
    There was this stream of water coming down this canal and this beautiful light caught my eye. I paused and looked at the scene for a second or two. I must have had some look 👀 on my face because the High School Senior smiled and said- ooh you want to get that light! As I asked him to stand right next to it:) - Yes that’s the Albuquerque, NM Enchanted light:) —-> no new shoes were harmed:)
    There was this stream of water coming down this canal and this beautif
    9 weeks ago
    Thank you so much Paul for the AMAZING job on my sons senior pictures!!!!! You are the Best!!
    9 weeks ago
    Lisa Trusty Thank you Lisa! I had a great time photographing your son. He rocked the session!
    9 weeks ago
    Great Shot!
    9 weeks ago RedHead Studios
    Sara Fordice Thank you Sara!
  • 15 weeks ago by RedHead Studios

    RedHead Studios
    Father and Son watching travelers go by.
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    15 weeks ago 1
    absolutely beautiful
    15 weeks ago RedHead Studios
    Eleanor Martinez Wheat thank you!

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